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About Applaws Feeding Your Cat Products

Our complete dry food is totally grain-free, making it hypoallergenic.

We take lots of care when developing our recipes to avoid ingredients that could cause your pet to react badly. But if you have a pet with allergies or sensitivities, always check the label before feeding. And if you’re still unsure then get in touch with your vet for some advice. 

Yes, we use a natural vegetable gelling agent in our complementary wet jellies, gravies and mousses.

All our treats and dry food are completely grain free. However, if you’d like to find out if a particular product contains grain, just get in touch with our customer service team and they’d be happy to help. 

If your pet has special dietary requirements, or you’re not sure how best to feed them, it’s a good idea to ask your vet for some advice first.

Absolutely! All our recipes are made using premium meat from free run chickens.

It’s cooked! All our wet food and treats are cooked in their packaging  on a high heat to sterilise the food and make it safe for eating.

Sounds strange doesn’t it? But crude ash refers to the amount of minerals (including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) that’s in our complementary wet food. All our recipes are made with high quality protein, so calcium levels in particular will naturally vary from batch to batch.  But these minerals are essential nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet.

Complete pet food, like Applaws dry cat food, contains all the vitamins and minerals your feline friend needs to stay healthy and happy. You can simply serve it on its own, with a bowl of fresh water.

Complementary pet foods, on the other hand, aren’t designed to be the only thing you feed your pet. Instead, they’re perfect for adding flavour and excitement to mealtimes. Always serve a complementary food with a complete wet or dry food- like Applaws dry cat food- to make sure your pet gets everything they need. 

Please speak to your vet before changing your cat’s current diet, as they are best placed to provide appropriate nutritional guidance, tailored for your pet.

Our wet food is complementary, and not designed to be the only thing you feed your pet, so we can’t guarantee it contains a specific amount of carbohydrates. But it is  a great way to add flavour, excitement and essential vitamins to your pet’s diet. 

If you’re looking for a low carb option, a grain-free diet is best such as Applaws complete dry food. 

Our tasty broths add moisture, texture, and excitement to your pets’s diet. We make them by cooking premium cuts of meat or fish in purified water to infuse them with flavour. We then pour the broth over the flaked meat or fish to create our mouthwatering recipes. 

All of our broths are free from thickeners and full of goodness. So you can rest assured, your furry friend will be fed an all-natural, no nonsense meal they’ll truly love. 

This recipe has always had seaweed in – as part of our update, we’ve taken the opportunity to be more transparent and name it on the front of the pack.

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