Welcome to the naturally adventurous world of applaws

As a proud B Corp we believe cats deserve the best. The best flavours, the best nutrition, and the best quality ingredients. It's why our values are at the heart of what we do, from the first bite to the last.
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for feline

For us, there's nothing more important than the food we feed our purring pals. We make all our dishes from ingredients that naturally keep our cats happy, healthy and hungry for more adventure.

our everyday

It all comes down to our belief that every day, and every mealtime, is an opportunity for discovery. By feeding our cats’ natural curiosity, we give their bellies and their minds everything they need to flourish.


All our dishes are made with natural ingredients and real meat & fish - no nasties, no nonsense, just as nature intended.


We craft each recipe to excite your cat’s appetite and imagination and with so many dishes to choose from, there’s always something new for them to discover.

in every bite

Providing a natural source of taurine, arginine and essential amino acids, our cat food is packed with high quality nutrition for adventures big and small.


b corp

As a registered B Corp since 2021, our commitment is to leverage business as a force for good, contributing to the creation of a fairer and greener future for all cats, people and the planet!
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only the best

As a certified B Corp, we’re committed in building trust which is why we guarantee that every ingredient in our recipes surpasses the highest global standards of food production, sustainability, and nutrition. And they’re delicious too! 

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