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Turn dry dog food into a
tail-wagging taste sensation.

Applaws Taste Toppers are a range of exciting complementary meals that will tickle your dog’s taste buds and get their tails wagging.

Applaws Taste Toppers home dish
Applaws Taste Toppers Ingredients pea and pumpkin

Add more happy moments

Applaws Taste Toppers Ingredients apple and broccoli

The tail wag says it all!

Our recipes not only add more boiing to every bowl of dry dog food, we’ve also made a series of fun films to show you just how easy it is for you to ‘Add More Happy’.


How to make your dog happy?

Here at Applaws, we are all about happy dog stories and ‘adding more happy’ to your dog’s lives. As part of that,
we will be offering regular tips to dog owners and in our first article, we look simply at how to make your dog happy.

Applaws Taste Toppers Ingredients apple and quinoa

*except for jelly and beef gravy, which are made with natural ingredients

"The ingredients that go into the food I feed Barney are important to me, he has a sensitive tummy. Because of this I have always kept him on dry food. However, Taste Toppers are perfect to make his dinners less boring and the great ingredients don’t upset his tummy!"

Lynn, owner of beautiful Border Barney

"Rodney, my cockapoo, absolutely loved the Applaws Taste Toppers, he couldn’t get enough and he polished his food bowl after his tea was all gone and checked all round the outside to make totally certain there weren’t any stray morsels lurking!"

Elizabeth, owner of cheeky Cockapoo Rodney

"Oh my goodness Mollie the lab loved her Applaws Taste Toppers. I’ve never seen lip licking like it and she took about 5 minutes after licking her bowl clean. We will definitely be buying more….. a big woof and high paw five from Mollie!"

Hollie, owner of loveable Labrador Mollie

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