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Here you’ll find our latest blog posts on all things cats and dogs. Feel free to have a look around and share with your friends and family

  • Dogs and Cats... Who loves me more?   As February is known as the month of love we were really interested to watch the BBC 2 documentary Cat v Dog which was shown over the last couple of weeks. We all know dogs wear their heart on their paws, and whether you have left the house for 5 minutes or 5 hours they always greet you with the same love, affection and wagging tails. On the other hand a cat may or may not even acknowledge your existence before curling back up to go...
  •     Ever been confused by labels on pet food? Us too. That’s why at Applaws we’re fanatical about being open and transparent about what you’ll find in our products. When it comes to our pets, we want to make sure we’re making the right choices to keep them happy and healthy – which means feeding them the right food. But trying to work out what’s best for our pets isn’t easy, especially with the way most pet food is labelled. Many brands simply categorise ingredients into...
  • by Tom Cox You'll get plenty of cat advice books telling you how to stroke and hold a cat, but in my experience, the rules can be complex, and are all a matter of personal preference. My oldest cat, The Bear, for example, is a polite, quiet cat, who loves having his stomach rubbed, whereas if you touch his step-brother Shipley anywhere around his midriff, you're likely to come out of it with at least one fewer digit. The Bear accepts affection willingly on floor level, but he's not a cat to be...

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