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The importance of protein – cat diet advice

The way to a cat’s heart is through their stomach.

Our famished felines love their food and they love their pet parents for providing it.

And if what’s on the menu at mealtimes is packed with protein then their affection will grow even stronger — just like their bodies will.

Protein-enriched recipes are a vital dietary requirement for our furry friends to ensure that they are happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Whether they get it from dry food, wet food or a mixture of both, it doesn’t matter at all, just so long as they’re getting all the essential goodness needed for their development.

Protein is a key energy source for our pets, it helps keep their kitty-cat coats looking pristine while, at the same time, supporting lean muscle mass and boosting their immune system.



5 reasons why protein is so important for cats


  • Happy hunting: Cats are obligate carnivores, unlike dogs, which are omnivores. Our tail-wagging sidekicks originally evolved to be hunter gatherers, therefore adapting to a meat-based diet, which provides animal protein. The make-up of their mealtimes in the wild mainly consists of rodents, rabbits, birds, insects and reptiles.


  • Healthy heart: Cats need amino acids from animal protein to aid their survival. They’re absorbed to help fuel the body, which is why it is so important to ensure that your precious pet is receiving proper levels of protein in their food. Taurine is a required component of proteins in cats as it aids development and plays an important role in the effectiveness and efficiency of eyes and heart. Cats are able to synthesise small amounts of taurine, but not enough to satisfy their bodily needs.


  • Neurological needs: Arginine is another essential amino acid that is obtained from eating animal tissues. Arginine is involved in removing ammonia from the body, which is why a deficiency can have serious health implications, including weight loss, vomiting, neurological symptoms and, in extreme cases, death. A cat’s physiology and metabolism is unique; they’re unable to synthesise these building blocks of proteins like herbivores and omnivores can.


  • Immaculate coat: Every pet parent wants their fancy feline looking fine when they’re strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Proteins are essential building blocks of the body’s tissues and organs, as well as everything from cartilage, tendons, muscles, blood, skin and hair. Proteins, which can also function as enzymes, hormones and antibodies, are made up of amino acids, a regulatory component for metabolism and the re-healing of growing tissue.


  • Lean body mass and energy: Every day is like a trip to the gym for our little cardio aficionados, so they need to be fueled with the perfect amount of protein and essential nutrients to gear them towards optimal health. Protein aids the development of kittens, but it’s also vitally important for older cats who are unable to absorb and metabolise it as well. The older the cat, the more energy they require, which means their caloric intake needs to be increased. If not, they’ll lose weight and muscle mass.


What’s the best way to add protein to the diet of a cat?


We put the ‘pro’ in ‘protein’ here at Applaws to ensure your kitty cats are getting all the goodness they need to thrive — and survive — when it comes to mealtimes.

Our specially formulated and mouth-watering meals are made with the highest quality ingredients and are designed with taste, texture and nutrition in mind.

The range of recipes are fragrant and flavoursome and contain high-quality animal protein sources – found naturally in chicken, turkey, duck, beef and fish – that form an essential part of a cat’s complete and balanced diet.

From our dry food range – that caters for kittens, adults and senior cats – to our range of tasty treats, and everything in-between, we provide a lip-licking menu of foods that will keep your cat positively purring.

We use prime cuts of meat in our tins, pots and pouches, whether it be gravy-based, mousse, broth, jelly or pâté, to keep your four-legged friend’s tail wagging and their taste buds tingling.

They’ll have an extra spring in their step, and more conviction in their “meow”, once they’ve tucked into and tasted our protein-packed selection of main courses, such as our Tuna Fillet with Crab and Courgette in Jelly pouch, Chicken Breast with Asparagus in Broth pouch, Tuna Red Meat with Chicken Duo mousse, or our Beef with Tomato in Gravy tins.

Plant-based diets are also an option for our protein-powered pets, though our fluffy sidekicks aren’t able to function on this form of sustenance alone.

Cats are not able to meet their nutritional needs with a wholly vegetarian lifestyle – with foods including corn gluten meal, sunflower meal, soybean meal, wheat gluten, and rice protein concentrate – as it doesn’t contain sufficient amounts of taurine or methionine, meaning their digestibility is compromised.

However, cats are able to utilise plant products and synthetic nutrients as a portion of their protein requirements, if introduced alongside a hearty diet of high-quality animal protein sources.

Striking a precise, healthy balance will ensure that your cat can enjoy a feast fit for a carnivore! Talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions or queries relating to your pet’s needs.


No cat diet is complete without protein


A cat without protein is like a fish out of water. One simply doesn’t survive without the other.

Our precious pets are hunters at heart; descendants of their wild and carnivorous predecessors.

That is why they’re reliant on a diet that packs a protein-filled punch, which can be satisfied by a meat-based menu.

Animal protein – or a hybrid of animal and plant protein – is paramount to your pet’s health and wellbeing.

The right amount and quality of protein is essential to maintaining muscle mass, energy levels, a healthy heart, tip-top tissues, while looking after skin, hair, blood, tendons and other organs.

To fulfil your feline’s needs, and discover our range of products, visit us at

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