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Applaws UK
Applaws UK

Last Updated: Wednesday 16th June 2021

Alongside other pet food brands, we’ve today announced a recall of some of our dry cat food ranges, manufactured by Fold Hill Foods Ltd, as the Royal Veterinary College works to understand a potential safety issue.

By working closely with the RVC, they have narrowed their focus to a specific manufacturer in the UK that makes our dry cat food brand Applaws as well as other brands.

At this stage it is not clear what is the cause of an increase in cases of feline pancytopenia, but it may be related to diet. We continue to work with the Royal Veterinary College to identify the potential cause.

While there’s much we don’t know, at Applaws, we cannot take any chances.

That’s why we’ve placed a hold on supplies of certain batches of dry cat food sold under the Applaws brand and out of an abundance of caution, we’re also recalling certain batches.

You can find full details here:

No other Applaws cat food products, including Applaws wet cat food, are affected by this precautionary recall notice, nor is Applaws dog food.

Even though we don’t know for sure whether our Applaws dry cat food products have a role in this safety issue, we’re obviously concerned, not least because we take great pride in the quality of our pet food.

We’ll continue to work with the RVC so they can fully understand what’s caused the issue.

It goes without saying we’ll update everyone when we know more.

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