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Last Updated: Tuesday 22nd June 2021

You’ll know that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Royal Veterinary College (RVC) are currently investigating an unusual cluster of cases of feline pancytopenia in the UK, a disease in cats that is usually very rare.

While they still don’t know the cause of these cases, as soon as we heard they’d narrowed their focus to specific manufacturing location – Fold Hill Foods Ltd in Lincolnshire – we immediately recalled seven varieties of Applaws dry cat food products made there.

All these packs bear the code GB218E5009, and you can see full details of the varieties recalled here and what you should do.

It’s an understatement to say we’re keen to understand what’s happened.

This is the first time in 15 years bringing pet food to consumers that Applaws has ever had to recall a product in the UK.

We pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients in our pet food, the care we take to find the best manufacturers and the auditing and monitoring of every aspect of production.

We’re cat owners ourselves and we’re heartbroken that there’s even a suggestion that some of our dry cat food may be involved in this problem.

But the truth is, right now, while we don’t know what’s caused the problem, we’re working flat out to find out.

We’re liaising on a daily basis with the FSA and RVC and every one of our seventy Applaws people here in the UK are focused on getting an answer as quickly as we can.

But we know it will take time for the authorities to understand what’s caused this rise in cases of feline pancytopenia and I know for many of you, that uncertainty is unsettling.

We’re truly sorry we don’t yet have a full answer for you.

But while we don’t yet know the root cause, we thought it would be helpful to remind you of what we do know, based on the questions you’ve asked us over the last week.

  • The recall only affects Applaws dry cat food in seven varieties and three pack sizes – you can find full details here.
  • The recall is limited to the UK. The Applaws product manufactured at this location was only sold by us to retailers in the UK.
  • No other Applaws cat food products, including Applaws wet cat food, are affected by this precautionary recall, nor is Applaws dog food.
  • If you’re still using recalled Applaws dry cat food – please stop immediately, dispose of it safely in a sealed bag and keep the packaging. The retailer you bought it from will give you a full refund.
  • Of course, If you’re concerned your cat is unwell, please immediately seek a vet’s advice. The RVC has produced a Q&A on feline pancytopenia here:

We understand for some of you, this is a distressing time, so if you have additional questions, we’re here to talk to you. Please click here and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss any concerns you have.

We’re committed to leaving no stone unturned as we find out what happened, and we’ll keep you updated here on our website.

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