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Applaws UK

Last Updated: Thursday 17th June 2021

Alongside other pet food brands, yesterday we announced a recall of some of our dry cat food ranges, manufactured by Fold Hill Foods Ltd, as the Royal Veterinary College works to understand a potential safety issue.

This recall affects only UK manufactured dry cat food and does not affect any of our European manufactured dry cat food.

By working closely with the RVC, they have narrowed their focus to a specific manufacturer in the UK that makes our dry cat food brand Applaws as well as other brands.

After customer feedback, we are simplifying the recall today to cover any of the Applaws Dry Cat Food products with that site manufacturing code – GB218E5009 – on the pack. No other site manufacturing codes are affected.

Applaws only began using this manufacturing location at the end of 2020, this covers all production there covering Best Before dates from October 2022 to June 2023.

The Applaws items being recalled are in line with the announcement on 16 June:
Applaws Dry Cat Chicken 400g, 2kg, 7.5kg
Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Salmon 400g, 2kg, 7.5kg
Applaws Dry Kitten Chicken 400g, 2kg, 7.5kg
Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Lamb 400g, 2kg, 7.5kg
Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Duck 400g, 2kg, 7.5kg
Applaws Dry Cat Senior Chicken 400g, 2kg, 7.5kg
Applaws Dry Cat Ocean Fish with Salmon, 350g, 1.8kg, 6kg

We continue to work with the Royal Veterinary College to identify the potential cause.

No other Applaws cat food products, including Applaws wet cat food, are affected by this precautionary recall notice, nor is Applaws dog food.

Even though we don’t know for sure whether our Applaws dry cat food products have a role in this safety issue, we’re obviously concerned, not least because we take great pride in the quality of our pet food.

We’ll continue to work with the RVC so they can fully understand what’s caused the issue.

It goes without saying we’ll continue to update everyone when we know more.

You can find full details here:

If you think your cat was fed from an affected batch do the following:

  • If you are still using the food – stop immediately.
  • Dispose of the products.
  • Keep a note, copy of the packaging, receipt.
  • If you are concerned your cat is unwell, seek a vet’s advice.

Please return the affected product to the retailer where you bought it from for a full refund.

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