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Dog food doesn’t have to be dull

A dog is more than a pet – they’re part of the family. That’s why at Applaws Taste Toppers, we believe dog food should be more than a bowl of the same dry food, every day.

Our mission is to Add More Happy. We are inspiring owners to add variety to their dog’s diets and their day. We are making deliciously healthy, natural dog food that dogs can’t wait to eat and owners love to serve. We’re changing the way we feed our pets – for good.

Lapping up life

Applaws is a natural dog food company that truly loves dogs – that’s why you’ll find no nasties in our food. We understand that having a happy, healthy dog is a feeling that you simply can’t top, so we’re doing all we can to make it easy for you to give your dog the very best natural dog food.

We created our Taste Toppers range to liven up mealtimes and combine the benefits of both wet and dry dog food. By simply topping bowlfuls of their favorite dry dog food with our Toppers, you can make mealtimes more exciting for your dog.

We have developed our recipes to ensure they offer a wide variety of high-quality proteins, superfoods, fruits and vegetables, as well as natural flavor, more moisture, tasty textures and variety of nutrients for a balanced diet.

Delicious and nutritious, all of our Toppers are made with carefully selected ingredients to add a variety or flavors and textures. It’s these little details which makes Applaws Taste Toppers an exciting natural diet for dogs of all sizes.

*except terrines which are made with natural ingredients.

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"The ingredients that go into the food I feed Barney are important to me, he has a sensitive tummy. Because of this I have always kept him on dry food. However, Taste Toppers are perfect to make his dinners less boring and the great ingredients don’t upset his tummy!"

Lynn, owner of beautiful Border Barney

"Rodney, my cockapoo, absolutely loved the Applaws Taste Toppers, he couldn’t get enough and he polished his food bowl after his tea was all gone and checked all round the outside to make totally certain there weren’t any stray morsels lurking!"

Elizabeth, owner of cheeky Cockapoo Rodney

"Oh my goodness Mollie the lab loved her Applaws Taste Toppers. I’ve never seen lip licking like it and she took about 5 minutes after licking her bowl clean. We will definitely be buying more….. a big woof and high paw five from Mollie!"

Hollie, owner of loveable Labrador Mollie