Becoming a first-time dog owner can be a pretty daunting experience as everything is so new. Unsurprisingly, for everyone involved, there will always be a determination to get things right for the good of your new pup. In this edition of the #addmorehappy blog series, we look at how you can become the best dog parents possible.

As with most new situations in life, there is a lot to take in when welcoming a new dog into your home. Perhaps the most important thing to you, as new dog parents, is making sure your new dog receives as much love as they possibly can, which in turn, will ensure they are happy.

Know what you are getting yourself into

If you are considering becoming dog parents, then this is important. Research into what exactly becoming dog parents will entail is essential. Firstly, to make sure you are up to what is required of you, but most importantly, to ensure that you can give everything from time, space and resources, that a dog needs to be happy.

It is imperative that you research everything, from the size of the dog you are looking for, to the breed and gender. Different dogs behave in different ways and each has its own differing expectations, meaning their demands also differ. If any of these are misaligned with your expectations, this could lead to problems for all involved, and that is not what being a first-time dog owner is about.

Get to the pet shop

When bringing home your chosen pup, it is important that you have everything you need to provide for them. Make yourself a little dog parents checklist, or to make your life easier, follow our guide. Here are some of the basics we think you will need when bringing your new companion home.

  • A safe place to sleep at night and times when you are not present
  • Dog bedding and toys in order to keep them comfortable and entertained
  • ID tags, collar, and leash for when they get to the stages of being walked
  • Poop bags for the self-explanatory
  • Food and bowls
  • These are just some of the things we think you will need to pick up in order to be ready to become dog parents.

Applaws Taste Toppers dog walking with owners

Stock up on patience

Becoming a first-time dog owner is not an easy transition – many can find it very challenging. There will be times when your loveable four-legged friend will test your patience and there will quite possibly be some destruction to your house, as well as chewed shoes. But remember, as difficult as it is for you, it is a lot harder for the dog.

Be patient with your new family member and understand their challenges. Avoid shouting at them when things don’t go right and stay on top of rewarding them when they do. You should also research what to feed your dogs, not just from a health perspective, but based on what they will truly love to eat.

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Thank you for reading tip#7: How to be a top first-time dog owner. Read Tip#8 of our #addmorehappy series where we will discuss how good nutrition can keep your dog bouncing.