A happy, healthy dog is what every dog owner wishes for from the moment they pick their puppy up for the first time, to the moment they take them home. An important contributor to this is a dog’s diet and the nutrition they are receiving. Here, in our latest #addmorehappy article, we look at the nutrition a dog needs in order to keep a spring in their step. 

Dogs, much like their humans, love to eat. However, in the same way we do, dogs also need to receive a balanced diet, to deliver their daily nutritional requirements, to ensure that they remain fit, healthy, and happy. Here are just some of the key parts of dog nutrition that your pooch requires.


To get the energy they need to give their owners the runaround and get up to all the other types of mischief that they love, dogs need protein. Proteins are a key nutrient within a dog’s diet that are made up of building blocks called amino acids which functionally are required for growth, maintenance, and repair. It is also an important factor in keeping their fur in great condition. That is why a preferred diet should include natural meat sources.

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Healthy Fats

Fats are a key nutrient within a dog’s diet.  Many of us are familiar with fats being an essential part of any diet. Common ingredients containing healthy fats such as salmon oil, coconut oil, and fish oils. Fats are made up of many types of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are required throughout the body at the cellular level.  Fats also play a very important role in maintaining healthy skin and shiny coats. It is really important to ensure that your dog has the correct balance of Fats and exercise because if there is an imbalance, it is possible your dog may gain weight.

Water for hydration

Water is a vitally important part of your dog’s daily requirements and this goes hand-in-hand with their overall happiness. Water is essential as it makes up approximately 70-80% of an adult dog’s lean body weight and is important for all functions within the body.  Keeping your dog hydrated and ensuring they are drinking sufficiently, to prevent dehydration is extremely important. Always have a bowl of clean fresh drinking water available for your dog to lap up which will enable them to be the bouncing, bundles of fun that they love to be.

These are just some of the key players when it comes to the nutrition of your pooch. Feeding your dog well can be the difference between a lethargic and unhealthy companion to a happy healthy dog. 

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