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Here you’ll find our latest blog posts on all things cats and dogs. Feel free to have a look around and share with your friends and family

  • World Smile Day

    There is now extensive research into the positive health benefits of owning a cat or dog. It shows that living with a pet has real health benefits for you and your family. From lower blood pressure to lessening anxiety. They can boost our immunity. They may even help your social life! Here's some examples of how cats and dogs can bring a smile to your day. More Exercise - Being outside You can't help but smile when you're kicking up the autumn leaves.Whether it's a walk in th elocal...
  • Just like humans, cats (and dogs) are what they eat.  Their diet can directly influence their levels of health and vitality.  Food is fuel yes, but it’s also vitally important to overall well-being and there are some things that cats must have in their daily regime. Amino acids are essential nutrients that all mammals need for life in general. Some of these can be created in the body whilst others must be synthesised from the animal protein found in food. These are known as essential...
  • Dogs and Cats………. Who loves me more?   As February is known as the month of love we were really interested to watch the BBC 2 documentary Cat v Dog which was shown over the last couple of weeks. We all know dogs wear their heart on their paws, and whether you have left the house for 5 minutes or 5 hours they always greet you with the same love, affection and wagging tails. On the other hand a cat may or may not even acknowledge your existence before curling back up to go...

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