Why is my cat burrowing into me?

Why is my cat burrowing into me?

Cats are cuddly, caring and considerate creatures. They’re loving, trusting and affectionate animals. And our fabulous felines communicate their feelings in some fascinating ways.


Cats are cuddly, caring and considerate creatures.

They’re loving, trusting and affectionate animals.

And our fabulous felines communicate their feelings in some fascinating ways.

One of their signature stamps is when they burrow themselves into their pet parents.

There are several reasons why they perform this unique and endearing behaviour – all of which will be addressed throughout this blog.

4 reasons why your cat likes to burrow into you 

  1. Comfort/Warmth. Our four-legged friends are impulsive and they’re guided by their instincts. They might want to hug their human companion just to be close to them, or snuggle up to them when the temperature drops as your body heat adds an extra layer of insulation in the colder months.
  1. Protection. Cats just want to feel safe and secure in and around their own home. While some felines might dart over to a dark corner, or under/behind the closest piece of furniture, when they’ve been startled, many will seek out their best buddies for protection.
  1. Affection. Kitties just love to be loved. Burrowing is a sign of just how much your little fur baby cares for you, while reciprocating those emotions will comfort them in more ways than you will know. Returning their cuddles could ease increasing stress and anxiety levels they could be experiencing.
  1. Attention. Kitty-cats are attention seekers. There are no two ways about it. Whether they’re on the catwalk, flicking their tail back and forth, or whether they’re nesting on your lap, they want all eyes to be on them. If they feel ignored at any point, they’ll do whatever they can to get their favourite human’s undivided attention.

My cat buries its face into my arm, hair or chest – Is this normal?

Can anything our whiskered sidekicks do be considered as ‘normal’?

Joking aside, ‘burrowing’ is perhaps a feline’s least abnormal quirk.

It’s a key form of communication that allows our kitties to let us know exactly how they are feeling.

Burying their face into your arm releases endorphins (happy hormones). It is a method of expressing love and loyalty that enhances their comfort levels and makes them feel safe, snug and secure.

Mimicking that behaviour, but targeting the chest or armpit, relates to their natural instincts, and also has several meanings behind it.

The closer to you they get, and the deeper they try to burrow, can be a sign of contentment and affection, and a way of showing their human housemate just how much they value them.

A familiar feel and recognisable scents also provide our cats with a sense of belonging. While a human’s hair can also act as a comfort blanket for our kitties, with the added layer of warmth proving particularly inviting.

Aside from this, it is also believed that this behaviour stems from kittens being comforted by their mother’s fur in early life. 

Is it worth seeking veterinary support if burrowing becomes constant?

Cats form strong, emotional bonds with their pet parents.

And that attachment only grows stronger and stronger over time. 

Whether they are tailgating their human housemate, acting as their shadow, or burrowing themselves, they are always keen to show their affection.

Cats are very gracious creatures, they are incredibly loving, and they grow to become unequivocally trusting once they feel safe and secure in their home.

They might become even more dependent during times of stress – when unsettling sights and sounds have caused anxiety – and they need to lean on their best friend for comfort.

They might even sense when we’re not feeling 100% – both physically and mentally – so will offer snuggles and a shoulder of support.

Cats will stick with us through thick and thin, they’ll always be by our side, and it’s a trait that us pet parents should be appreciative of.

You can’t beat quality time with your kitty so embrace the attention and the affection.

However, should your pet’s behaviour change in any way, especially if the change is drastic, then notify your veterinarian immediately.

Cherish these special moments

Burrowing is a common and endearing behaviour that our cats exhibit.

It is an expressive gesture, one that carries many positive connotations.

It’s a signal of love, affection, trust, security and playfulness.

It is also a means for our kitties to stay warmer and comfortable when the winter months approach.

Snuggling, cuddling, hugging between pets and pet parents reduces stress for all parties and is a luxury we should all embrace.

Make the most of these moments with your marvellous meow-ers!