It wasn’t that long ago that for many, choosing dog food wasn’t given much thought. Crazy we know.

Nowadays, health conscious pet parents are rightly placing more emphasis on what goes into their furry friend’s food.

And protein should be right at the top of that list.

Protein and nutrition for your dog

Protein is an essential nutrient for dogs. Without it our gorgeous four-legged friends would not be able to give us all the love and attention they do.

Proteins are made up of tiny amino acids. Think of these as building blocks all coming together to keep your dog’s body working well.

Big muscles, healthy skin and hair, tissue repair, strong immune system; you name it protein plays a huge part in it.

The source and quality of these proteins is hugely important.

Animal protein sources – found naturally in chicken, turkey, duck, fish – are called ‘complete’ because they carry all the essential amino acids a dog needs. They’re also a lot easier to digest.

Puppies actually require more protein than adult dogs because of how quick their bodies are growing.

High-quality proteins help build these bodies but also take care of delicate, infant tummies.

Adult dogs still need protein, too, though.

Applaws Taste Toppers are an excellent way of piling on the protein – and the taste – at mealtime

Our mouthwatering recipes include Lamb with Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Peas in Jelly Tin, Chicken Breast with White Beans, Pumpkin & Peas in Gravy Pouch, and Tuna Fillet with Pumpkin, Chickpeas & Kale in Broth Pouch.

Your dog will love all the sensational flavours almost as much as their bodies will love all the nutritional goodness.

Protein-rich food sources for dogs

Protein can come in many forms, and from a host of different sources.

We’ve listed a few below so you can begin working on crafting the best diet for your best friend.

Protein Source
Dry Food Dry dog food can be a great source of high-quality animal protein. Complete foods are a source of all essential nutrients. If you want to liven up a dry mealtime – while boosting protein levels – Applaws Taste Toppers, like our Chicken Bone Broth with Turmeric & Parsley Pouch, are flavor-filled mix-ins.
Wet Food Wet dog food is brilliant for keeping your thirsty friend hydrated and feeling full. Packed with prime cuts of animal-protein, it can pack a real nutrient punch, too. Applaws has a variety of hydration levels to suit the needs of your pets from broths and  gravies to  terrines and filets.
Chicken Chicken is a real winner for dogs. An excellent source of lean protein, it will leave your adventure-seeking best friend with endless energy. Boiled, unseasoned chicken is also great for dogs suffering from sensitive stomachs. Applaws’ Chicken Filet toppers are a fantastic protein-rich treat.
Beef Beef is a high-quality protein, brimming with essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Our Beef Filet with Red Pepper toppers are produced to human-grade quality, and are a perfect protein mixer if you’re wanting to add a bit of dietary variety.
Lamb A fattier meat than chicken, lamb is perfect protein for dogs on the move, or ones needing to put on a few kilos. A lot of dogs love the taste of lamb, so if your fussy friend has been turning their nose up at food, this may just get them licking their lips again. Even better, mix in some of our delicious Lamb with Zuccini, Carrot & Chickpeas in Gravy Pouch next mealtime.
Fish Fish is an excellent source of protein. Not only that, but some fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna are a great source of  Omega 3, an essential fatty acid providing many nutritional benefits to your dog.
Eggs Eggs are an extremely digestible protein for dogs. Scrambled, fried, poached; adding cooked whole eggs to their food will push up the nutritional value, and enhance flavor.