One question we’re always getting asked here at Applaws is, ‘Is dry dog food bad for your dog?’

With so much mealtime misinformation flying about online we decided to sift out the fact from the fiction.


What are the benefits of feeding your dog dry food?

Dry dog food (also known as kibble) is bursting with energy.

Portions can be precisely measured so it’s great for weight management.

Clean and convenient, there’s no mess, and it can be stored for long periods, making it extremely cost-effective.

Kibble can also help reduce plaque build-up meaning less trips to the doggy dentist.

Our furry friends love dry food in their diet, just make sure it’s full of high-quality animal protein, grain free and brimming with natural ingredients.


Benefits of wet food you may not be aware of

If we want our cheeky chums fit, healthy and raring to fetch, a well-rounded diet is paramount.

So instead of ‘wet food vs dry food’, how about ‘wet food with dry food’?

This culinary combination can provide the perfect balance to a dog’s diet.

Wet dog food is dripping with mouth-watering succulence, and will have your four-legged friend’s taste buds tingling the second you place it in front of them.

Its value doesn’t end there though.

Wet dog food is an excellent choice for fussy foodies. Easier to eat, the high moisture content is not only perfect for dogs with upset stomachs, it will keep them well hydrated and feeling fuller – an added bonus if you’re trying to keep their weight down. It can be crammed with wholesome goodness, too. Take our Chicken Breast with Ham, Pumpkin, Carrots & Peas in Broth Tin or our Chicken Breast with Broccoli, Apple & Quinoa in Broth Pouch. These moreish meals are a great source of animal protein, packed with prime cuts of meat, boasting only natural ingredients.


How to make dry food healthier and more appealing

Dry food can be a ‘delish’ dish all on its own. But it doesn’t have to end there. Eating the same food every day is boring, while variety brings health and balance.

Mixing in wet food or warm water with kibble can quickly liven up a dry meal.

If you’re wanting to make mealtimes more special; Applaws Taste Toppers are an excellent way of adding nutrient-packed goodness to any dry meal.

And they’re seriously tasty! Whether it be the Beef with Carrots, Green Beans & Lentils in Jelly Tin , the Lamb with Courgette, Carrots & Chickpeas in Gravy Pouch, or Chicken with Lamb Stew with Carrots, Courgette & Sweet Potato Tin – all our recipes contain high-quality animal protein with a variety of superfoods mixed in.

Is your dog a bit fussy? Meal choices come in jelly, broth, bone broth, stew, fillet and gravy. Toppers for all types.

Whichever pouch, tin or pack you choose, these complementary meal mix-ins will give any dry meal a tasty, nutritious boost.


Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do I need to look out for in dry dog food?

High-quality meat should be at the top of your ingredients list when looking for dry dog food. Chicken, duck, turkey and fish are all fantastic sources of protein that bring heaps of taste and natural goodness to the bowl. Whole fruit and vegetables, packed full of immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants, are always welcome additions to dry food, too. Wheat, gluten and artificial preservatives are ingredients best avoided.

How healthy is wet dog food?

Wet dog food can be extremely healthy for hungry hounds. Wet dog food tends to contain a lot of protein which is essential for dogs maintaining muscle and fighting off disease. All that moisture is a great way of keeping hydration levels up, too. Nutrient-dense protein plus water equals high energy content which is going to keep your best pal fuller for longer. Ideal if overeating or weight gain is becoming an issue.

Is wet food a healthy substitute for dry?

All dogs are different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diets. Both dry and wet dog food have their advantages, and both can provide the necessary nutrition for a happy, healthy functioning dog.
For many pet parents, wet dog food serves an excellent complement to dry food. However, if your dog loves their food wet then there’s no reason why it can’t be solely eaten. Dry food does help keep dogs’ teeth clean though so make sure you keep a close eye on their gnashers.