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World Smile Day

There is now extensive research into the positive health benefits of owning a cat or dog. It shows that living with a pet has real health benefits for you and your family. From lower blood pressure to lessening anxiety. They can boost our immunity. They may even help your social life!

Here’s some examples of how cats and dogs can bring a smile to your day.

More Exercise – Being outside

You can’t help but smile when you’re kicking up the autumn leaves.Whether it’s a walk in th elocal park, a ramble in the countryside or a quick stroll around the block – just 20 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week can improve your all-round health.

Stroking your cat or dog can reduce stress and anxiety

Nothing soothes¬†a frantic day more… The rhythm of regularly stroking or grooming your pet can help to release the hormone oxytocin which is widely acknowledged for its effect in lowering levels of stress and anxiety.


Caring for your cat or dog keeps you very much in the moment. Concentrating on those little things; on the texture of your cats fur, the sunshine on your face as you walk your dog in the park, all help to distract you from things that may be weighing heavily on your mind. the fun of capturing and sharing a moment with your pet in a photo or video can help you to remember happier times and that all important smile.

Lonliness and isolation

Your cat swirling around your feetwhen you walk through the dog or your dog watching for youin the window can all help to reduce feelings of lonliness or isolation. It’s startling to read that in a world that’s so connected, the rates of lonliness are increasing. If you are not lucky enough or aren’t able to own your own pet, you could visit a rescue centre or sanctuary such as Bleakholt near B/ury in Lancashire. Volunteers are welcome to walk the dogs and it’s great to make new human friends too.

Unconditional love and smiles

Cats can be fiercely independentand dogs can be mischievious at times but their love can never be questioned. They’re great listeners, you can share your day, your secrets, your hopes and dreams and they’ll never tell you that they’re too busy to lend you their ear.

Naturally warm and caring cats and dogs are guaranteed to make you smile today and always.

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