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PawsFit Challenge

Happy New Year, to people and pets, we hope you have a fantastic 2019. No doubt you’ve made some resolutions, some of you may have already broken them. But if Dry January or Run Every Day weren’t enough to capture your imagination, maybe it’s because they lack a vital ingredient – your four-legged friend. How much more fun would getting healthy be, if you could take your cat or dog along for the ride. Well… you can.


Obviously, you could do something as simple as jog with your dog, pick up the pace of your walk or simply add a bit of distance. But if you want to mix things up a little, The Dog People have some great ideas for losing a few pounds with your pooch. Here’s a simple workout they recommend to get you started. Don’t worry, you can adapt it to suit your current fitness level.


  • Start with a 2-3 minute walk to keep your dog moving
  • 10 push-ups on a picnic table or on the ground with your dog in a sit
  • 30-second walk followed by a 10-second sprint, then another 30-second walk
  • 30-second plank with your dog laying down
  • 20-30 walking lunges with your dog in a heel
  • Repeat 3-5 times

Although it’s possible to get your cat on a lead, it’s much easier and more fun to create a hunter and prey game that raises both your heartrates. Pick up a feather waggler or dangler, or a furry mouse from any good pet store and you’ll be able to run around your house or garden leading a merry chase. It’s great owner and cat cardio. And, if you can’t get your hands on one of these toys, a ball of string is a simple but effective substitute.

If you’d like to try something a little more left field to get you and your furry friend fitter, why not give Dog Yoga (Doga) a whirl? It’s the brainchild of yoga teacher, Mahny Djahanguiri and a craze that’s taking off around the world. Watch this video to see how easy it is to incorporate your pooch into your at-home routine.


As if Dog Yoga wasn’t crazy enough, there’s now also Cat Yoga (not called Coga, oddly). The concept here is slightly different. Instead of owners and pets working together on poses, yogis simply perform their routine as normal as the felines wander freely around the room, interacting as and when it takes their fancy.

So, you can see it can be as simple as upping you and your pet’s work-rate during walkies or as life-changing as adopting a brand-new activity. Either way, having your pet on board for your New Year’s resolution is sure to add camaraderie, motivation and more than a little joy.



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