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    Applaws is naturally great for dogs too!

The best diet for dogs is one that contains high levels of animal protein.

Nutrient comparison


Applaws offers a range of complementary natural dog food recipes that can be fed daily alongside a complete dog food for a balanced diet.

Applaws is great way to add variety and taste to your dog’s regular kibble.

Our cans, and pots are made from human grade chicken breast, beef steak or fish fillets. These prime cuts of meat are formed from muscle tissue. Lean muscle fibres are a natural and arginine and lysine.   These are two of the essential amino acids that dogs have to ingest from their diet. They can’t synthesize arginine or lysine themselves.


It’s really hard to think of our dogs as having descended from wolves! To us they are one of the family, to be cherished and loved. But, dogs are "designed" to eat meat.


Applaws has truly limited ingredient recipes…

Limited Ingredient” is a phrase that’s printed on lots of dog food packaging. However , at Applaws we believe that our recipes truly are that. Just turn the label over and take a look. Recipes have as little as 4 or 5 ingredients. We call it natural simplicity – nothing artificial is added or hidden – no cereals or grains and no colors, flavors or preservatives because your dog doesn’t need to eat them.

In fact we’re so proud of the quality of the ingredients we use that we purposely create packaging that allows you to see them before you buy

The recommended daily serving is only a guide as requirements vary according to age, size and activity level and will also depend if you feed both wet and dry food

You can see the quality of the food

- Sue McParlin

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