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Christmas treats for your sweets

Christmas is all about the kids, right? Well, on behalf of pets everywhere, we’d like to suggest you share the magic – and by that we mean treats – with your four-legged friends too. To help you out, we’ve put together a little collection of recipes you can try to make your dog or cat’s Christmas.



Honey & Banana Dog Biscuits 
We know, these tantalising treats from The RSPCA sound too good to be true. But they’re actually very simple. You can watch the video or download the instructions here and the great thing is, once you’ve rolled out the mix you can go as Christmassy as you like with the cookie cutters. Now that’s worth a wag or two.


Feline Festive, Cat Treats

Now, these rather sardiney treats from Offbeat Home & Life aren’t specifically seasonal. However, as long as you control the cookie cutter you can make them any shape you like. Snowmen, Christmas trees, holly leaves…let your imagination run wild. No matter the shape, we’re certain kitty will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to. Find the full recipe here.


Snowflake Shortbread Cookies   

These may end up looking too good to eat, but we doubt that will stop anyone with four paws from tucking into these honey-sweet treats from Pretty Fluffy. They’re sensationally seasonal and spectacularly simple to make – just four ingredients. So, get your apron on and visit this page to find out how.


Purr-fect Cat Treats  

These festive, fishy treats from The RSPCA are certain to leave your cat full of the Christmas spirit. And they’re super simple to make too. Just three ingredients – whole wheat flour, chopped salmon and one large egg – are all you need. There’s a video on how to make them here so have a look and get your cat’s Christmas off to a purr-fect start.


Gingerbread Dog Cookies

The big question is, should these dog cookies from Gone to the Snow Dogs be in the shape of men or dogs? Luckily, it’s totally up to you. You should follow the recipe here but you can cut them into any shape you like. They’re certain to be a big holiday hit with the family pooch.



Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy baking them as much as your pets love eating them.

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