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The Truth about Pet Food Labels




Ever been confused by labels on pet food? Us too. That’s why at Applaws we’re fanatical about being open and transparent about what you’ll find in our products.

When it comes to our pets, we want to make sure we’re making the right choices to keep them happy and healthy – which means feeding them the right food. But trying to work out what’s best for our pets isn’t easy, especially with the way most pet food is labelled.
Many brands simply categorise ingredients into ‘meat’ or ‘animal derivatives’ without ever revealing what cuts of meat they’re actually using. Imagine if the same rules applied to human food, and you discovered you’d actually been eating chicken feathers in your meal and not chicken breast.
At Applaws, we think that’s misleading and things need to change.
Applaws tins and pouches are made with natural ingredients and contain up to 75% real meat. We only use an ingredient in the range if it actually offers a real health benefit to your pet.
Have a look at our fact sheet which explains some of the confusing language you’re probably used to seeing on the back of your pet food. Take it along with you next time you go shopping so you know what to look out for on the label.

Take our fun quiz to order a FREE sample of Applaws – and find out how well you really know your pet!

Click here to take our fun quiz to order a FREE sample of Applaws – and find out how well you really know your pet!

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