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    Some of our loyal dog owners have shared some kind words about Applaws. Read what they have to say below.

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I came across Applaws and have never looked back

This is 'Chase'. He is a 3yr old toy poodle who competes successfully in agility and is also learning Canine Freestyle. He would like to say thank you to Applaws dog food. I tried many different kibbles to find one that suited. After an Internet search I came across Applaws and have never looked back smile emoticon After a year of being on it he is the picture of health. No more greasy fur, runny eyes and upset tummies. I now recommend it to dog owners who attend my training classes.

THANK-YOU for making such an amazing pet food

Just want to say a big THANK-YOU for making such an amazing pet food. After years of trial an error with different brands I can honestly say Applaws is the best of the best both my dog and cat love it and they look fantastic.
If I could help in anyway to get all pets owner to buy this great product so that there pets can benefit my services are there

- Nicholas Brown

I Could Have Eaten The Food Myself!

I am pleased to say that Yorkie Daisy gave the food an 11 out of 10 she absolutely loved it. I pride myself on giving my girl the best food possible so I have been slaving in my Kitchen and cooking quality chicken, veg from my garden and adding rice and I have to confess that my darling girl referred your product. I put her dish down and she ate her food in record time. Life will be so much easier to just open a tin in the future. More time for walkies. I have to say when the food arrived I honestly felt that it would be just another dog food. with a different name. Well I was so wrong... When I undid the can the food looked so appetizing and the smell was wonderful.

- Jill and Daisy

I Shall Be Telling My Doggy Friends About This One.

Many thanks for sending me a free sample which arrived yesterday - I tried it on my 2 dogs for their
tea last night. It looked so good you wanted to try it yourself. The dogs lapped it up I did not think it touched the sides and they looked for more. After having trouble trying to feed 2 fussy eaters this as solved one of my problems. I am going down to my pet shop to order some this morning. I shall be telling my doggy friends about this one.

- Susan, Guernsey

It Didn’t Upset Their Tiny Stomachs

I have Miniature Pinschers ranging from 18 months to 9 months in age and have always found it difficult to find a brand of dog food that not only do all of them like, but also one that wouldn't upset their small stomachs. I first read about Applaws natural dog food in one of the dog newspapers and was somewhat sceptical about their claims.
I mean a dog food that's gluten free and doesn't contain animal derivatives, by products or cereal - that's a huge claim. However a few days later several samples arrived and when I opened the tins you could actually see the individual ingredients, they looked and smelt wonderful. I divided the different diets up into individual dishes and let my minpins choose which variety to try first.
Talk about stunned, the first variety to be eaten by all three of my minpins was the chicken, salmon and vegetable variety, the dishes were not only empty they had been licked clean and all three minpins were looking up at me as if to say got anymore.
In the nine years I have lived with Miniature Pinschers I can honestly say I have never seen any of them enjoy their food the way they obviously enjoyed the Applaws natural dog food, chicken, salmon and vegetable variety.
And best of all it didn't upset their tiny stomachs.
I would recommend Applaws to anyone whose dog is either a fussy eater or whose owner want to ensure they only feed their dogs a healthy diet that doesn't contain any hidden or undesirable ingredients.

- Sue, Lancashire

My dog really enjoyed it

Thank you so much for my free sample of Applaws dog food. My dog really enjoyed it - although being a Bernese Mountain dog she would have like a little more!!! Does it come in larger sizes??

- Vickie, West Midlands

Both My Dog And Cat Lapped Them Up

Was most impressed with the free samples you sent me, both my dog and cat lapped them up in the same way that they do when eating a tiny piece of something them from our own plates. The food looks and smells like the food that we make for ourselves, I will certainly be buying it from our local farm shop.

- Pat, Hertfordshire

My Lot Couldn’t Get Enough

Put one bowl of RC down and then the free sample of the Applaws dry and my lot couldn't get enough of it...I'll see what comes out the other end tomorrow and then I shall start to convert them all! Well done!

- Breeder

A Resounding Thumbs Up

I put down 6 bowls of biscuits for them 3 contained Applaws and the other 3 their usual Orijen – funny old thing I have still got 3 bowls of Orijen left... it has got a resounding thumbs up from my lot – only problem is I still have 3 x 7kg bags of Orijen for them to get through before they can start on it.

- Breeder

Absolutely Loved It

Our lot absolutely loved it. I tested it against their favourite Lamb JWB (which they don't get all the time as the Turkey one is their staple) and they definitely seemed to prefer it. I have never seen biscuits disappear so quickly - must order some asap.

- Breeder

A Big Paws Up From My Dogs

A big paws up from my dogs - they really enjoy this product

- Lynne, Gloucestershire

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