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Pet Heroes “Tabby to the rescue!”

Cats are pretty independent as pets go, they tend to spend a lot of their time doing their own thing. But as cat-lovers know, they’re around when you need them most. To play around, have a cuddle, or in some cases do something truly remarkable – like save your life.

In the early hours of the 5th of January, Sharon Kane, a nursing support worker from Belfast was tucked up in bed in her flat. And, having taken some strong medication for a chest infection she was in a particularly deep sleep. The 48-year-old lives alone, so when a fire started in the flat below and smoke started filling her bedroom, there was nobody around to wake her up and warn her.

At least, no people. But her tabby cat Prince Ozzy was there, and it was Sharon’s beloved pet who sprung, quite literally, into action. Realising that something was very wrong and that his companion was in mortal danger, Prince Ozzy leapt onto Sharon’s bed and began pawing at her face. Tired and groggy from her medication, Sharon repeatedly tried to tell her cat to leave her be. But thankfully, Ozzy persisted until finally Sharon rose from her bed and realised what was going on.   

Already suffering the effects of smoke inhalation, she dragged herself to her bedroom window to breathe some much-needed clean air. The emergency services arrived soon after and whilst fire fighters dealt with the blaze, Sharon was taken to hospital for treatment.

Thankfully both cat and owner recovered from the ordeal and Prince Ozzy was nominated for a prestigious Cats Protection’s National Cat Award. Organiser, Kate Bunting said “Prince Ozzy is truly remarkable…his quick-thinking alerted Sharon to what could have been a disastrous situation, something for which she’ll always be grateful.”

We couldn’t agree more, and think Prince Ozzy deserve a crown, or at least some extra treats.   

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