Dogs, like humans, are in touch with their emotions, so it is not uncommon for dogs to seem down or even to be sad. In the latest blog of our #addmorehappy series, we look at some of the reasons a dog may be disheartened and offer some top tips on how to make your dog happy. 

There are many reasons for your dog’s mood to suffer, whether it is a recent home move, family bereavement or they are just missing a family member in general. Thankfully there are many ways to make your dog happy again. Here are just some of our recommendations.

Up the attention

One of the more obvious actions to think about when considering how to make your dog happy when they seem to be going through a tough time is to spend more time with them and to give them more attention. Dog’s thrive off the love of their owners in the same way their human thrives off the attention of their loved ones so throw Netflix on and crank up the affection for your canine companion.

Meet with other dogs

Something that is bound to cheer up your dog and make your dog happy is interaction with other dogs. When you are feeling down, family and friends are the best people to hang out with and the same goes for your dog. As a dog owner, you can give them love and affection but what you are not able to do is appeal to their nature in the way that other dogs can.

Applaws Taste Toppers dog on a walk to cheer up

Toss them some treats

Dog treats are the obvious gift for your dog but for those willing to spend a little more on a treat for the dog, why not invest in a treat-tossing camera such as the Furbo. These 2-way audio cameras are designed to capture dogs as they chase their favourite treat of choice, enabling you to capture those special dog birthday party moments.

Take your dog to new places

Treating your dog to new scenery can introduce some joy to your dog’s life, especially if the reason their mood has dropped is down to the weather restricting their normal walking habits. As mentioned in previous articles, regular exercise not only improves a dog’s physical health, but it also stimulates them mentally, much as it does with humans so sometimes the best way to make your dog happy is to get out there and get walking.

Introduce an exciting new diet

One of the key signs that a dog’s mood has changed is that they often refuse to eat or appear not to enjoy their food as much as they use to. Normally, a dog will happily eat their meals throughout the day, and even pester their humans for more, so if you have noticed a decline/drop in interest when it comes mealtime, then one way to help them is to review and freshen up their diet.

Introducing Applaws dog food toppers could be a fantastic way to bring your dog out of their slump with their delicious flavours too good to resist and with all the nutritional benefits. It can also have a positive knock-on effect on their overall diet. 

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