Here at Applaws, we are all about happy dog stories and ‘adding more happy’ to your dog’s lives. As part of that, we will be offering regular tips to dog owners and in our first article, we look simply at how to make your dog happy. 

For every dog owner, a happy dog often means a happy home and there are a number of very simple things that you can do as a dog owner to ensure this is the case, some of which we will list below.

Let them walk you on a regular basis

All dog owners love the gleeful response you get from your dog when it is time for a walk. From the moment the lead appears, the tail begins to wag and they are ready to go before you even have time to hook their lead to their collar. Walks are not only great for exercising a dog physically but it also provides much needed mental stimulation. So as long as you take them for their daily walk and keep them well exercised you are guaranteed to have one healthy and very happy dog.

Teach your pooch new tricks

Dogs love interaction with their human and one of the best ways to do this is through teaching them new tricks. The time spent together is worth more than any new toy and not only that, it often involves treats for getting things right and just like humans, dogs love their treats.

Applaws Taste Toppers happy dog

Keep them clean

Like their humans, dogs love nothing more than that feeling just after having a nice bath or shower. A clean dog is a happy dog. It is important to consider the frequency of baths as too frequent is not a good thing, as it removes natural oils from a dog’s coat which is protective. Finding the right balance when it comes to bathing your dog, provides the perfect opportunity to massage their skin, and look closely for unhealed cuts or wounds, thorns, ticks, and infections. You can also make bathing part of their flea treatment routine.

Obedience training

We have mentioned new tricks, however, basic obedience training is another sure-fire way to maintain a happy dog. Teaching your dog to be obedient not only results in a better life for you as a dog owner but it is also another opportunity to extend your interaction with your dog. The ability to listen and act on commands is also the first step to keeping them safe. Joining puppy or training classes can also be beneficial as both owners and dogs can learn together and socialise with other dogs. This plays a huge part in both protecting and boosting their wellbeing. 

Keep them healthy

It might sound obvious but taking the extra steps to ensure that your dog remains at a healthy weight will better enable them to do the things they love. They will also feel the difference in the same way that their humans do. 

All of the above are great ways to help a happy dog. The food you feed them can also help add a spring to their step. Instead of settling for standard everyday food, why not introduce Applaws Taste Toppers to their diet. Packed with the finest cuts of meat and made with 100% natural ingredients, your dog’s tail will be wagging at the prospect of dinner time.

Thank you for reading tip#1: How to make your dog happy. Read Tip#2 of our #addmorehappy series which looks at the best ways to treat your dog.