World’s Best Cat Litter – Original 12.7kg

World’s Best Cat litter is the environmentally friendly, 99% dust free, quick clumping cat litter the World has been crying out for!

World's Best Cat Litter - Original
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Applaws World's Best Cat Litter is great for your pets nutrition

World’s best cat litter Clumping Formula is the unscented clumping cat litter with outstanding odor control and tight clumping ability. And because they’ll scratch and cover, our quick clumping cat litter provides maximum odor control, while minimizing dust and tracking around your home


made from whole-kernel corn

Analytical Constituents


Natural Declaration

100% Natural

  • 99% Dust Free Corn is free of silica dust – naturally making it safer for you and your cat
  • Outstanding Odour Control Smells proven to stay trapped inside the litter
  • Smaller, Tighter Clumps Don’t fall apart when you scoop making cleaning fast & simple
  • Made from sustainable Corn With no added chemicals