Grain Free Beef with Tomato

Our new beef grain free cat tins are made with 100% natural ingredients, containing nothing added and nothing hidden.

Applaws Grain Free is great for your pets nutrition

We have added exciting new beef flavours to our tins! These are all grain free and made with 100% natural gravy and ingredients – contains no artificial ingredients, additives, flavours or preservatives.


Beef 40%, Beef Broth, Beef Liver 5%, Tomato 5%, Vegetable Gelling Agent



Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 8.2%, Crude Fibres 0.2%, Crude Oils and Fats 7.4%, Crude Ash 0.6%, Moisture 86%.

Natural Declaration

Applaws 70g Cat Tins are made with natural ingredients.

  • Grain Free Grain free recipes for pets provide a low carbohydrate and low allergen diet, helping to maintain healthy weight and provide relief from allergies.
  • 45% meat  Provides an excellent natural source of taurine and amino acids.
  • Made with natural gravy and ingredients Contains no artificial ingredients, additives, flavours, preservatives or added sugar, to help maintain healthy weight, teeth and gums.

How much should I feed my cat per day?

Cat Size: upto 3kg

1 Tin

Cat Size: 3 - 5kg

2 Tins

Cat Size: 5kg+

3 Tins