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    Applaws wet food is made from as little as 3 ingredients. We use only the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillets that you will know and recognise from your own food.

We take our responsibilities seriously…

Chicken Breast meat

Applaws is accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation which means we take the sourcing and handling of our ingredients very seriously.

We follow strict codes of practice to ensure that Applaws is made to the highest standards of food production. Standards that see our wet food recipes made with human grade ingredients created with partners that meet the requirements of organisations including the British Retail Consortium.

We do this because we believe that making pet food matters. In fact it’s all we do. Applaws is not part of a large multinational organisation that makes everything from household cleaners to chocolate bars; we are an independent specialist that makes what we believe is the best natural cat and dog food in the world.

All of the fish in our recipes is sea caught using dolphin friendly methods and we only use species from sustainable resources. The tuna that we fish is further accredited by the Earth Island Institute.

A complete diet such as Applaws complete dry pet food contains all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs for a healthy diet.

A complementary pet food is designed to be fed in addition to a complete pet food. Our complementary recipes contain real meat or fish which provides your pet with natural levels of taurine to help keep your pet healthy when fed alongside a complete food.

Each ingredient selected by Applaws can provide a real health benefit for your cat or dog


Real ingredients to support real benefits.

Each ingredient is selected by Applaws can provide a real health benefit for your cat or dog (please see nutrition for more information).

Even the more unusual inclusions like seaweed, pumpkin, coconut oil or goji berry provide natural sources of vitamins, fats or minerals to support your pet’s wellbeing.

The prime cuts of human grade tuna, mackerel, sardine or salmon fillet, beef steak or chicken breast meat are human grade. They are the same quality as those found in cans or prepared meals for families around the world.

Sometimes we do use ingredients that have negative associations in pet food for example carrageenan. However, we always apply our core values to the sourcing and quality of such ingredients and if we can’t achieve that then we don’t include them in our recipes.

The carrageenan that we use in Applaws is human grade rather than pet food grade. It is our own specified gelling agent which must be bought by our partners from a company which we nominate. And it’s used in everyday human foods.

We choose to use a higher grade of carrageenan we don’t believe we won’t compromise on the quality of ingredients that we use but we do want to offer our customers a variety in the recipes they can choose from.


Not all protein is the same…

Protein is an essential nutrient which helps the building of body tissues (including muscle), forms the basis for enzymes (substances needed for body function) and is involved in the prevention of disease. The source and quality of the protein in your pet’s diet is therefore really important.

Good nutrition is built on a good foundation that’s why the high quality animal protein in the No1 ingredient in all Applaws complete dry food for cats and dogs. Grain Free dry food options may also benefit pets with grain related allergies.

Applaws offers a range of both natural complementary and complete foods which meet the nutritional requirements outlined by either FEDIAF or AAFCO.

Applaws complementary recipes may be fed daily alongside a complete cat or dog food for a balanced diet.

The recommended daily serving is only a guide as requirements vary according to age, size and activity level and will also depend if you feed both wet and dry food.

When feeding Applaws Dry food for the first time introduce gradually over seven to ten days.
Add just a few kibbles on day one and gradually replace the old diet. Always keep fresh water available.

It Didn’t Upset Their Tiny Stomachs

- Sue, Lancashire

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